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Ever wondered what Star Wars would be like as a Western? Or how Sherlock Holmes would have faired as the hero of a bodice-ripper? Ever wanted to write that? You're in the right place!

What We're Looking For

Fics, art, comics etc, that take a fandom/story - Stargate Atlantis, Tender is the Night, Robocop, whatever - and recreate it in another genre. You could write the story of, say, Around the World in 80 Days all over again while presenting it as a Spy Thriller, or just write a spin-off Manor Mystery, or draw fanart of the characters starring in a crimesolving police show. Alternate Universes work splendidly, as do more subtle shifts where the events are just portrayed in a different style or from a different viewpoint that shifts the genre entirely.

Comedy and tragedy don't really count as genres, though their subgenres (such as a Comedy of Manners or Melodrama) do. Neither does erotica, as any genre could become erotica with just the addition of a sex scene.

You might notice that the fic works better when the genre is as different from the original as possible, and also one with a whole plethora of clich├ęs. Rather than going for a shift from sci-fi to the broad detective genre, how about making it Hardboiled Private Eye? Or rather than romance (which, let's face it, covers most of fanfiction anyway), how about Category Romance, with all cliches attached?

All that being said, all posts are unmoderated, so trust in your own discretion. We're not going to take your fic down if you yourself have deemed it enough of a genretwist. If you feel that the above is too restrictive, drop me a line here and we can hash it out. Or just ignore it and post your creation anyway! However, you MUST keep to:

The Rules

1. All submissions must place the original story/fandom in a different genre. No original fiction or Real Person Fiction, sorry. Changed my mind! RPF is totally fine, because real life has no genre. Use your discretion on what makes it a genre story.

2. Place all submissions under a cut except poetry under 15 lines or a post of five or less icons. Cut also icons and poetry that is not safe for work. Fanart can have an uncut thumbnail of maximum size 200X200 px, but it should be safe for work.

3. We accept all types of fan creations - fanfiction, fanart, icons, costumes, songs, filks, plushies and whatever else you might come up with. (Okay, that's not so much a rule as misrule. Anyhow.)

4. Use the following heading in all posts other than icon posts:
Author/Artist/etc: (Choose whatever's appropriate. Optional when posting your own creation.)
Rating: (The ratings system for this comm is found after the rules.)
Characters/Pairings: (Optional.)
Summary/Description: (Optional.)
Author's Note: (Optional.)
Word Count:
Warning: (Use your discretion with this one - if it involves something people might not want to be surprised with, such as violence, spoilers for a new book, or a particularly inventive, unusual or taboo fetish, put a warning here.)

It's recommended, though not necessary, to put your fandom and fic title in the post title. This helps people searching for a specific fic through the archive.

5. When posting icons, you can dispense with the above heading; however, always include appropriate warnings.

6. The community is flagged for "Adult Concepts" as a precaution. Be aware that for particularly explicit fiction you're adviced to flag it "Age 18+" and if you don't, the mod might do it for you. If your submission contains no adult concepts, feel free to remove the "Adult Concepts" setting for that entry.

7. If you're reccing someone else's work, don't post it in full, but rather provide a link to the original artist's/performer's/etc. entry. If you're making a list of recs, you don't have to add the above heading to each rec as long as the link will lead to a page with warnings/etc included. However, the original creator must be named next to your rec link.

8. All posts by members must contain a fancreation. This is not a community for discussion posts or community advertising. If you want to pimp a related community or have suggestions/questions, contact [personal profile] ilthit first.

9. Tag everything by fandom, genre, author or artist, and by whether it's slash, het, gen or femslash, and if it is a recommendation, in the following manner: fandom: your fandom, genre: your genre, author: your name, artist: your name, slash/het/femslash (pick the appropriate one), recs (if applicable). For pairings with intersex/third gender etc characters, you can use male/other, female/other or other/other, or specify the gender (bigender/gender neutral, for example). The mod retains the right to modify your tags if they're unclear or mispelled. Always check existing tags before creating your own.

10. No trolling, stalking or insults (which are easy to distinguish from constructive criticism). Be nice.

Ratings System

Since both MPAA and have copyrighted their ratings systems, to be sure we don't get Cease & Desist letters, I've made up my own. This is me officially saying that you are also free to use this rating system on whatever website or community without crediting us.

A - Family-friendly. Age 5+. In art: no nudity, no sexual touching beyond kissing, no bondage/fetish outfits, no violence beyond a comedy punch. In writing: No coarse language, sex scenes, adult concepts or hard violence.

B - Family-friendly. Age 9+. In art: No nudity, no sexual touching beyond passionate kisses, no violence beyond bruising or small cuts. In writing: nothing beyond tame make-out scenes; no graphic descriptions of injury, and only minor cusswords like the S-word.

C - Not suitable for young children. Age 13+. In art: Bare female breasts are fine, and nudity where the genitalia can't be seen; sex can be suggested but not portrayed; injury and violence can be depicted, using your own discretion. In fiction: Adult themes and steamy make-out scenes are okay, as is suggested sex, but not descriptions of sex. Descriptions of injury and violence are fine, although you should use your discretion on what is too much. Steer away from the extremes of coarse language.

D - Not suitable for children. Age 16+. In art: Full nudity, non-graphic sex and major injury or violence are fine. In writing: non-explicit descriptions of sex, minute descriptions of violence and coarse language are all fine.

E - is for everything goes. Age 18+.

I realize it's a bit of a bother learning a whole new system, but at least it shouldn't be too hard to remember. Basically, A=G, B=PG, C=PG-13, D=R, E=NC-17.


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